3 Reasons Why You & I Still Have Hyperpigmentation

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Hi, Chicsters in today's post we are talking beauty specifically three ways to improve hyperpigmentation. So from the title, you can tell I am reading myself because as someone who has been battling with hyperpigmentation since my teens I should have my skin all the way together. However, to be honest my hyperpigmentation caused more angst for me in my late teen and early 20's than it does now.

So what is Hyperpigmentation you might ask? Hyperpigmentation is a condition that occurs when our skin makes too much melanin and is a common concern for women of color the browner you are the more prone. This conditioned is caused due to a variety of reasons from sun damage, to changes in hormones and acne and here are THREE reasons why despite our efforts we still have hyperpigmentation.



If there is one thing that I've learned about Hyperpigmentation especially if you choose to treat it yourself without prescription-grade products. It's that it is a persistent problem that requires constant attention. AKA  a consistent routine no matter what you decide to use to treat it Vitamin C, Retinol A or Kojic Acid consistent use equal results and if you want to maintain those results continued use.



If you have ever wanted or want blemish-free even-toned skin aka the GLOW then you cant skip the sunscreen. On dark skin, uncontrolled UV ray exposure equals hyperpigmentation and uneven skin.



The top layer of our skin is dead and dull, because of this the top layer is naturally and slowly sloughed off.  The older we get this process becomes less efficient and we begin to get patches of dead and dull skin. Exfoliators aid this process by removing the dead skin cells revealing new undamaged skin. This matters because it also allows treatments to penetrate the skin more effectively that includes our anti hyperpigmentation products! Have oily/acne prone skin try the Caudalie Glycolic Peel Mask on the other hand If you have dry skin that needs more hydration try SHISEIDO WASO Soft + Cushy Polisher.

how to stop hyperpigmentation from supplechic

My biggest Achilles heel is sticking to a routine I just want to wake up with great skin but the fact is except for a select few skincare requires work and time. Which historically I've not prioritized as much as I should have. I said in this post I've learned to give myself grace on this issue and I will continue to work towards better skin. If you had to pick your Achilles heel which reason would it be one, two, or three? 

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  1. Diana
    October 12, 2019 / 8:56 am

    I have yet to decide on it stick to a routine, but I at least use the same products aka, I stick a skin care line that works for me.

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