7 ITEMS ON MY 2019 HOLIDAY WISHLIST + Best Fashion & Beauty Favs

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Hi, Chicsters hope you are having a great week so far, in today’s post I’ll be sharing my 2019 Christmas Wishlist.  I shared Alex's wishlist in my Last Minute Gift Ideas for Men so I figured I'd continue the tradition from Last Year and share mine. If only I could be a child again with Santa Claus (aka mommy) willing to do my bidding lol. I’ve rounded up everything on my list including the things I’d want if money was no object. If you are looking for Christmas Gift Ideas or Wishlist Ideas for yourself well here you have it!

Do you have a wishlist? Share the top 3 items on yours in the comments below?

Ps. Two of the Items are carryovers from last year; if you need more Ideas see that post HERE.

Honestly since we moved into our new place and I basically threw away everything all I want is house stuff. Can West Elm just deliver the couch of my dreams the Andes 3-Piece Chaise Sectional in performance velvet Ink Blue for starters?


If your taste is similar to mine and you prefer to give subtle hints to the guys or the gals in your life about what you might want to get for Christmas feel free to share this wishlist with them as well especially the ones that may need help in the gift-giving department. I've also included some of my favorite / go to fashion and lifestyle pieces as well.

I'm a strong believer in ask and you shall receive AKA put what you want out in the universe so here is my 2019 Christmas Wishlist!

The first thing is a robot vacuum we had carpet mostly in our old place and honestly, you never realize how much dirt the carpet absorbs until you don't have it anymore. The iRobot Roomba 690 Robot Vacuum would be a great time saver cause it would mean we wouldn't have to sweep so much!

The second item would be the Ninja Foodi Deluxe XL 8-Quart Cooker and Air Fryer I saw this product demo-ed at Blogher and was blown away by all the things Ninja appliances can do! This one appliance replaces three easily (its a pressure cooker, steamer, air fryer and more). Which means more counter space I love a minimal counter so appliances like this are close to my heart.


The Third  Item on my wishlist is the Sony A6400 this would be an upgrade to my current vlogging camera. Which is the A5000 there are so many ways it's better but the biggest way for me is the ability to add an external mic. I love the Sony cameras for there superior quality and ease of use. You can totally customize to suit or you can essentially point and shoot and still get great footage.

The Fourth Item on my wishlist is an Imac I've had a MacBook pro for the last 8 years and I love the Mac as a creative its made for someone like me in mind with all the built-in apps and features. However, one thing that Imac has over the mac book pro is space and power. You have the ability to buy more processing power and space those are two things that are so necessary for optimal workflow.


The fifth item from my wishlist is a carryover from last year wishlist and it is The Concentrate I’ve never gotten as many compliments about my skin as I did while using La mer products. If money was no option I would totally spend $$$$ on their products!

The next item is another carry over from last year its the YSL Sac de Jour. If I where to invest in one bag RN this would be it! It comes in 3 sizes but large would be my choice, you can also find it used on sites like fashion file. Don't get me wrong my Chanel Jumbo flap still is on the list but I've always loved and still love the Sac De Jour bag. Something about it says ready for business and I am here for it!


The last Item/s on my wishlist is a green coat from Asos I actually planned to buy during Cyber Monday but didn't get a chance to because I fell asleep with my laptop in hand. I say Item/s cause I'm still not sure if I would pick the Curve vinyl trench coat in khaki or Curve plush faux fur maxi coat with seam detailing in gray. Let me know your pick down below.


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