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Happy Friday Chicsters! A belated Merry Christmas hope your day was eventful in the best of ways. Today's post is a  roundup of the best after Christmas sales out there. Being that Christmas this year was literally in the middle of the week I know its been disorienting for some especially if you've had to "work". So what do you do between Christmas and new year shop off course spend that Christmas money or ya own money cause the sales are good. Just in case you are starting to feel overwhelmed I've rounded up the best of the best and will be updating this post as I spot the deals.


straight leg jean and puffer coat outfit - Ultimate After christmas Sale Roundup 2019 from supplechic a fashion and lifestyle blog based in baltimore

Please note that the reason the sales are really good is that a lot of these items retailers are trying to get rid of. So there will be limited sizing and limited quantity so if you want anything this isn't the time to hesitate. Most retailers have super liberal return policies right now so you can always return the items. Cause once something is sold out its gone!

If you are trying to get the most bang for your buck right now I would shop for Christmas gear it's evergreen as well coats and boots. A lot of websites will tell you to wait till January to buy outerwear but I would buy now if its something you really want because come January February you start contending with limited stock and availability. Stock up on the timeless stuff wait till January for the trendy stuff.

Honestly, you can start buying next year's Christmas gifts now for dirt cheap cause stores are just trying to get rid of their excess inventory. Its the best time to pick up those mule mugs and sharper image massagers!

Speaking of gifts personally I am team cash are you surprised? I don’t like surprises when it comes to gifts you either get me what’s on my wishlist “HINT” ITS POSTED ON MY BLOG LOL! Or ya give me the cash.

Do you like being surprised or do you prefer picking your gifts?

I’ve been told I have a very expressive face so you will know how I feel about a gift in seconds! Im not trying to hurt nobodys feeling soooo just give me cash lol!

For this look I am pretty much wearing all my new in favs; the jacket and jeans are on sale! Jacket I've talk about ad nauseam it keeps you so warm but it's so well made as soon as you pick it up you feel the quality wearing an XL, jeans also raved about wearing a 20 REG, clutch 😍😍😍 only $32 not $2700 and pumps a gift that just keeps on giving still the only high-end designer shoes I own.

Ultimate After christmas Sale Roundup 2019 from supplechic a fashion and lifestyle blog based in baltimore-02
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