15 Things I learned About Blogging In The Last Decade

15 things new bloggers need to know before they turn there side hustle to a business from supplechic a plus size fashion and lifestyle blog based out of baltimore

This will be my 8th year blogging yall 8th! In today's post I'm sharing the hard-learned lessons, I've picked up along the way! I've gone through many of the evolutions fellow bloggers have gone through so I figured it was time to spill the tea. I went from Blogspot, to dot com, to Blogger to WordPress. In that time I also went from hobby to side hustle, to full time. The race is far from over although I'm still growing, and still learning I still get messages from women who want to start blogs, who may have just started blogs and so I felt it was time to share all that I have learned with you!

Someone once said there are two ways to learn you can go the long way (your experience) or the short way (someone else's experience). So if you want to learn more about the key lessons I learned as a blogger in the last decade keep on reading.

1. Your Network equals your Net Worth! This business is all about relationship, relationship, relationship! Another lesson that has been hard for me to learn as an introvert! if you are naturally friendly lots of doors will open for you. If you arnt you will have to pick up the skill or partner with someone who can.

2. Being loud is an asset! Now I don't mean being ignorant I mean mastering the art of promoting your content. Finding ways to highlight your expertise and what you do! Being able to get people to see your value, leading with value is a must, the art of always displaying it priceless!

3.Blogging costs! You will have to spend time or money so decide. If you are 18 definitely take your time to learn code, learn photography, video production, learn graphic design, learn marketing and branding. However, if you aren't consider saving up because in order to turn this into a business like any other start-up capital is required.

4. Strategy beats talent every time! This is/was one of the hardest lessons for me to learn. If you want to turn your blog into a business you have to be strategic from the start! Strategic about content, branding, design, network, etc

5. Consistency is king! If you want to grow an audience anywhere especially now it will take continued sustained effort. In order to become a habit, you have to consistently show up in people's lives.

6.Quality over quantity! You cannot win only with pretty pictures not anymore, you have to go deep now, provide value, give the people something "more" something they would find difficult finding anywhere else!

15 things new bloggers need to know before they turn there side hustle to a business from supplechic a plus size fashion and lifestyle blog based out of baltimore

7. Being a Jill of all trades is required! If you want to be a blogger having the capacity to learn on your own is a must. Now things are a little different because you can buy digital products now. However, 90% of what is included in these digital products can be found online. Being able to find the information and implement it quickly is a great asset.

8. Growing is part of the process! The saying perfection is the enemy of progress comes to mind. There are just somethings you won't be able to improve upon without doing. When I look at my old photos and videos I cringe back then though I worked tirelessly to produce them.

9. Scaling requires others! If you want to keep your blog a hobby this does not apply however if you want to make it into a business. You will require others, a fresh pair of eyes will help you with so many other things I've discussed. From strategy to writing, to branding. When it comes time to scale play to your strengths hire others to take care of your weakness.

10. Numbers are not everything! Your goal must be creating a content strategy that facilitates engagement and that allows you to build relationships with people who follow you. If the people who follow you don't have a connection to you they will not care about anything you say. They will not want to support you!

If the people who follow you don't have a connection to you they will not care about anything you say.

10. Being a blogger is hard! I hate to be a Debbie downer but this is tough love! I feel it's only fair that I say this for those seriously considering blogging or for those who just started blogging. There is nothing effortless about blogging unless you happen to be part of that select group of blogger who shows an unedited version of life and I'm sure even that is strategic. You are literally doing five people's jobs simultaneously and its a constant juggle.

11.You learn to persevere! I cannot tell you how many things can go wrong or not as planned as a blogger (COVID). From website crashes to links not working, to posts not saving to SD cards breaking, to hard drives crashing, to folks hacking!

Don't get me started on daylight and weather conditions and crazy deadlines. Doing this teaches you how to plan for the worst but expect the best.

In the beginning, you will have to learn to learn fast. You will be required to learn to persevere through tasks until you get your desired result.

12. It is rewarding AF! There is nothing, in my opinion, better than visualizing a concept in your mind and bringing it to life. The process of creating is literally like being pregnant and then giving birth. There is morning sickness, aches and pains, physical changes, painful labor. But just like that as soon as they put your baby in your hands all that you went through becomes worth it.

As your blog grows it's like seeing your child grow. First, they learn to walk, then talk, then kindergarten, etc Every time you look at them you marvel at what you created out of a simple seed, a simple act! That is what the process is like for people who are passionate about creating its one of the most rewarding things ever!!

13. Overnight success is a myth! If you come into blogging with lofty expectations you will be swiftly disappointed. If you come in without a real passion the kind that can sustain you through hardships and struggle wow will you be in for a rude awakening? If you are in this just for the monetary compensation you will find you are a long way from mega millions. If you are in this to gain notoriety you might get it but it will have unintended consequences.

14. The experience is life-changing! If you do this blog thing right for long enough you will get to experience things you never dreamed of. From spaces, you never could picture yourself in. To seeing the real impact you have on people's lives. It changes you in the sense that it becomes more than you because in built is its ability to amplify your impact, your reach and message.

15. You get a taste of entrepreneurship. You learn what it is like to have an employee (YOURSELF), create standard practices and plans, set up operations. Calculate profits and losses, maximize productivity and what it is like to make executive decisions.

15 things new bloggers need to know before they turn there side hustle to a business

Originally this was meant to be 20 lessons but let just settle for 15. I'll be crowdsourcing the remaining 5 lessons. So tell me whether you have yet to click publish on your site or just started blogging at the start of COVID or you've been blogging for 15 years what's one lesson you've learned about blogging!

Bonus: There is a lot of money to be made in blogging even under the current climate but blogging is like a pyramid scheme. The brands and the mega influencers profit the most and the people at the bottom prop up the industry and a lot of time get nothing! Here's what they don't want you to know even at the bottom you still have value! In a lot of ways, you are more valuable than the biggest bloggers that is why brands still come to you! Don't work for nothing!

Share your lessons with the community because we know a rising tide lifts all boats! Disagree with something I've said I welcome your point of view! Like today’s post SHARE it with a fellow blogger, also be sure to sign up for our Newsletter for exclusive content and upcoming happenings; Subscribe to this blog on Bloglovin so you never miss a post.



  1. April 13, 2020 / 6:51 pm

    GREAT Post. I blog for my Mental health and many say it is a hobby, so I have never earned a buck from the blog. But, I have seen others grow in the 6 years I have been online. You are so right on so many points and the one I like is: Don’t work for nothing!!


    • chibuogu ononye
      April 14, 2020 / 2:00 am

      yes gurl now more than ever that is soo true!!! I appreciate you stopping by your support doesn’t go unnoticed xo

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