HOLIDAY Gifts For Your Wishlist: LUXE & BARGAIN BUYS

CHRISTMAS WISHLIST 2020 from supplechic a fashion and lifestyle blog based in baltimore

Hi, Chicsters happy humpday hope you are having a great week, in today’s post I’ll be sharing my 2020 Christmas Wishlist.  I’ve rounded up everything on my list including the things I’d want if money was no object + a few favorites. In the interest of full disclosure some of these things I already own and a few are carryovers from last year ( if you need more Ideas see that post HERE). These items would make great gifts to gift yourself because after the year we’ve had you deserve it. Or Christmas Gift Ideas for the ones you love! Feel free to help your gift challenged loved ones and send them this link as well.

Do you have a wishlist? Share the top 3 items on yours in the comments below?

If your taste is similar to mine and you prefer to give subtle hints to the guys or the gals in your life about what you might want to get for Christmas feel free to share this wishlist with them as well especially the ones that may need help in the gift-giving department.

As I stated Included some pieces I already own because these are items I wanted for a while but couldn’t bring myself to purchasing until I did. I’m a strong believer in ask and you shall receive AKA put what you want out in the universe so Im happy my Wishlist can serve as facilitator!

I had a robot vacuum on my list last year and its made the list his year I finally caved and bought one cause its one of those gifts that will help to cut down on daily chores especially if you have hard wood in your home.  The iRobot Roomba Vacuum would be a great time saver cause it would mean we wouldn't have to sweep so much!

On the decor side I included the Architectoral digest 100 coffee table book I actually own this book and I would have loved to receive as a gift. The neutral color palette would work in almost any home and it is substantial enough to make a statement.

For my beauty lovers here is an honorable mention The Lamer Concentrate. I like Lamer products because I’ve never gotten as many compliments about my skin as I did while using La mer. If money was no option I would totally spend $$$$ on their products! I've always loved and still love the Sac De Jour bag. Something about it says ready for business and I am here for it! Its definitely on my list of top 3 must have designer bag because it can be worn  to suit your lifestyle.

CHRISTMAS WISHLIST 2020 from supplechic a fashion and lifestyle blog based in baltimore


These are just a few of my favorite things Share the top 3 items on yours in the comments below?

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