25+ Bloggers Of Color To Follow on Liketoknow.it : Why You Need It & How to Use it

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I know I cant be the only one who’s ever seen a cute outfit, makeup look or interiors and wondered where its from! Well look no further Liketoknow.it has the scoop. Essentially it's an app 📲 that makes it easy for us to get the details and purchase items our favorite influencers are wearing or using in a given post 🛍🛒 #addtocart .

Your favorite influencers receive credit {aka earn a set commission} when anyone purchases the items from their direct link and everyone wins! No extra searching required, not only can you find the items you can save them for later and even create saved categories. In keeping with our tradition in today's post not only will I be sharing 25+ influencers to follow on the app I'll also be sharing the 411 on how to use and make the most out of the app!

Not only is the app like having a personal shopper at your fingers it's also like a personal stylist. Even I use it when I’m stuck on what to wear or how to style something!

That's not even the best part you can favorite the items you love and put them into categories. So when you are ready to pull the trigger it's all in one place. 

It's super easy to get open your app store :

  • STEP 1.
    • Search & Download the Liketoknow.it App
  • STEP 2.
    • Search + Follow my profile SUPPLECHIC
  • STEP 3.
    • Click any Image + SHOP the look

Repeat STEPS 2 & 3 for all your favorite Influencers 🤩

Tip: Make it a practice to check the app daily it increases your chances of catching an ALERT when your favorite items go on SALE

Whether you're looking for fashion, lifestyle, beauty, interior design or plus-size Inspo check out the app and follow these influencers to see and SHOP their style + more on RewardStyle’s LIKEtoKNOW.it app !


This list is far from exhaustive I daresay there are hundreds of creators of color on the LTK platform. I know what it's like when you are left of lists like this so if I missed someone Please use the comments to drop a link to your favorite profiles. I'm always looking for other boss babes to follow and I know I'm not the only one!

how to use liketoknow.it info

Looking to earn additional income? To find out more about how to make money with liketoknow.it check out this POST for the scoop on how to apply

In a lot of ways the LTK app provides you with tools to be a better shopper {if you want to be 😜}. From sale alerts from your favorite influencers, so you get the most bang for your buck. To detailed reviews via LTK video so you are more informed. To the ability to save and come back to items #noimpulsebuys. These are just a few reasons I use this app almost daily.

For those that have made it all the way to the end of this post, I hope this was helpful, here's a virtual high five 🙏🏾 I appreciate you taking the time to read this post! Don't forget to check out this post for 15 Things I Learned About Blogging. Like today’s post SHARE it with a friend, also be sure to sign up for our Newsletter for exclusive content and upcoming happenings; follow this blog on Youtube so you never miss a video.


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  1. Venecia Olivia
    April 24, 2022 / 11:42 am

    Thanks ChiChi I needed this. I’m loving the app and so glad you posted this! Thanks again!
    Venecia ♡

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