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If you have a closet full of clothes and still don't have anything to wear I've got you! Chances are you are missing {or don't have enough of} 1 or all of the 5 items in today's post. Today's post is all Winter Wardrobe Basics I'll be sharing 5 Items Your Wardrobe Needs This Month.

In the interest of full disclosure I actually got this Idea from the StyleKillers IG page they share the best Inspo. I hope you find today's post helpful and if you do make sure you join our Newsletter and grab our Winter Wardrobe Checklist! It contains every essential you need to get dressed this winter season.


Item Number 1

A Chunky Cardigan

Perfect for zoom calls / working from home & snuggles on the couch. Or if you have to pop out for a second to grab the mail or grab your take out.

The chunkier these are the better think coatigan. They don't need to be boring, either after you grab your standard black and tan consider venturing out greens, reds, purples the world is your oyster. Since these tend to be worn daily I recommend you spend a little bit more so they wear better over time.


Item Number 2


After a year spent indoors I think the original novelty of getting to wear pajamas all day is starting to wear off. So if loungewear aka sweatpants for most is starting to become a cuss word then consider this. Loungewear is literally anything you can wear for hours comfortably.

So think sweater dresses: they are perfect for zoom calls as well as cuddling on the couch. Chunky 2 piece sets: you guys loved this affordable sweater set when I shared it. Slip skirts/dresses are also pretty comfortable as well. Investing in loungewear will help you look put together but also feel put together which goes a long way for our collective mental health.



WINTER closet MUST HAVES from SUPPLECHIC a fashion and lifestyle blog based out of baltimore

Item Number 3

A Fedora

The original list called for a Fedora however it doesn't have to be a Fedora. For every day I actually prefer beanies because they are fuss-free and you don't have to come up with elaborate storage ideas for them. Don't get me wrong, a great Fedora will literally make the most basic look pop! It's a must-have especially if your style is more minimal.

Pair it with a turtle neck, jeans, boots, and a longline coat and your outfit instantly looks pulled together and elevated. You can also opt for a baker boy hat if that's more your speed or a leather baseball hat think of a hat as salt to your outfit it amplifies the flavor aka vibe you're going for.


WINTER closet MUST HAVES from SUPPLECHIC a fashion and lifestyle blog based out of baltimore

Item Number 4

Turtle Neck

Did someone say turtle neck a black turtle neck is literally winter's equivalent of a white t-shirt. It's a good idea to have multiples, in different textures and weights. Textures like cashmere and wool add dimensions to your look. Tissue thin ones are perfect for layering, or  for a little skin while still being warm #peekaboo. Chunky ribbed ones keep you warm, depending on the size make a statement.

You can't go wrong with a turtle neck it's the perfect combination of style and function they just have a sophisticated quality to them. If you tend to wear them a lot it's a good idea to spend a little bit more so you get the best cost per wear.


Item Number 5


Arguably leggings have become the new pants, haha if you said this to me a couple of years ago we would have fought 😜. But who wants to go back to restrictive waistbands how did we live like that JK JK. Leggings are a must-have we are all practically living in them but you haven't lived until you've invested in a great quality pair.

I have tried my fair share of leggings in the last year from Nike, to Fabletics, to Zella, to Girlfriends Collective, to Amazon, to Forever 21 and by far These Are The Best LEGGINGS I've ever tried. So why should you invest in a great pair for one they are perfect for layering, comfortable, and literally go with everything we are wearing these days.

However, those aren't even the best reasons. The simple reason you should invest is that you live in them, if you don't want your leggings getting holes after 2 weeks, riding down when you walk 🤬, shrinking, fading in the wash to name just a few things then invest in a few good pairs!


WINTER closet MUST HAVES from SUPPLECHIC a fashion and lifestyle blog based out of baltimore



Did I miss something? What would you add to your FIVE Winter Wardrobe Must-Haves drop a comment.

Chances are it's included in our Winter Wardrobe Checklist make sure to download the HERE especially if your looking to simplify your getting ready process. If you made it the far kudos to you I truly appreciate you stopping by. Check out my last post 25+ Bloggers Of Color To Follow On Liketoknow.It haven't heard about Liketoknow.it dont worry I've got the full scoop { why you need it and how to use it}.

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