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This post is intended to have a dual purpose. I'm sharing seven items that I wished I had invested in sooner and consequently my most loved Items from 2021 that will make great gifts or items to add to your wishlist. No, I'm not talking about designer goods; I'm talking about things that make adulting a little bit easier! So when you are done reading this make sure to share your most loved items from 2021 cause enquiring minds want to know.

Before we proceed, I have to credit the person who inspired this post, Monroe Steele. She shared her list a few years ago, and the title just stuck with me. One item I cant get over you all is the Revlon one-step hairdryer. This product not only dries your hair but also detangles and blows it out in one step. As a natural, this has been a game-changer. It's allowed me to reclaim my time no more wash DAY now. It's an hour to an hour and a half max. Sometimes I even use it on not-so-clean hair when I need to detangle quickly and it works like a CHARM! My sister-in-law saw me use it and grabbed hers with the quicknesssssss. If you have any naturals in your life gift them this dryer I promise you they will appreciate it and if you don't have one grab this for yourself as well.


You all I remember back in college, I had a boss who got so excited about getting new bedding, and at that time, I didn't understand; I thought it was something more mature people did. I'm here to say that I have now become that person that gets excited about great bedding. Great bedding is an absolute must. It's one of those things that no one really talks about and you don't know you're missing out on until you start investing in it. So I wanted to know what all the hype was about with linen bedding so I decided to try out the options they had at Target I grabbed the Cassaluna duvet set, and I've never looked back. There's just something about being enveloped in warm thick soft sheets. You get the best night's sleep. I wake up feeling happy, and yes, it's as amazing as it sounds! If you're not doing it already invest in your sheets, it's worth it! And if you're looking for a great gift to give, look no further give the gift of a great night's sleep.


We have hardwood floors and carpet, and one thing about hardwood floors is that they do not hide dirt. I finally caved last year and picked up a robot vacuum because I wanted to reduce the number of times I had to vacuum and sweep up. When I say that this thing is a game-changer, it is a game-changer. Thinking back to when Alex was little, this would’ve changed my life. It’s cut down on me needing to sweep by 98 or 99%, and I cannot imagine the kind of good this would do for Moms with toddlers or people with pets. Go ahead and give the gift of time saved, especially now that robot vacuums are so affordable! If you don’t like to sweep, grab yourself a robot vacuum. It’s worth it!



If 2020 taught me anything, it's grocery delivery. I don't know how I would live without it. If I could list the top five chores I prefer not to do, grocery shopping would be on it. Now I know some of you may have a different opinion and strong feelings about this one, especially if you find grocery shopping soothing or are particular about your produce. However, if you haven't noticed the theme, in this post, the time saved for me makes it all worth it. From Amazon Fresh to Walmart Plus having my groceries delivered right to my door without me having to leave my house go through isles, go through checkout, and traffic makes it priceless. If you have a loved one who could use a few things taken off their plate. Give the gift of convenience via Walmart Plus or Amazon Fresh today !!


Do you love to drink smoothies? we do, in our house, we had always had a cup-sized smoothie blender. They got the job done, but I was always curious about the Vitamix caused I’d heard great things. With it being out of my price range, I did a little research, and found this blender, and what a difference it makes! It was always a struggle to blend frozen fruit since I like my smoothies, almost like sorbets. That issue is now a thing of the past. My frozen fruits and my seeds and anything else I throw in the blender now blends beautifully. The time it saves me in trying to make a quick breakfast makes it worth it! Give the gift of health and time saved with this one too.

I may have fibbed a little bit when I said we weren't going to talk about luxury goods because the last most love item for me is going to be a nice watch. I picked up my duo-toned watch around this time last year have been wearing it non-stop. Of course, nice is relative, but there's just something about a great watch that elevates any outfit! It's also practical because you can tell time, but I use my phone if I'm honest. Either way investing in a nice watch is a sure bet generally; they don't go out of style, so you get your cost per wear. So if you are looking to add something luxe to your wishlist, consider adding a nice watch or giving this timeless style gift.



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