Tips for Organizing Clothes I How to Declutter Wardrobe?

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Everyone wants their wardrobes to be nice and organized, but organizing them in the first place is a different matter. It might be challenging to organize your clothes for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you are overly sentimental and feel bad getting rid of clothes you seldom ever wear. Perhaps you are unsure about what to keep and what to throw away. Or perhaps you have so many clothes that you're overwhelmed. So, I listed here how to approach the process if organizing your closets is something you put off until the doors won't close. If you simplify your closet and just maintain the RIGHT pieces, you will actually wear more of your clothes and love wearing them more.

Here are some tips on how to declutter your wardrobe and make your clothes organized.


When setting up your closet. It's crucial to first determine why you're going to start doing something. Do you have space for new clothing? Are you attempting to make space in your closet so that another person may share it? Are you attempting to get rid of a dresser while trying to make everything fit in your closet? Or do you just want your closet to be tidy so you can see what you have and choose out items more quickly? Your goal will determine the level of difficulty of the job you must accomplish.


It is entirely understandable that you want to save some of your items permanently, you shouldn't use the word "sentimental" as a justification. Many of us continue to wear clothes that no longer fit. Think about whether keeping these things in your closet is only contributing to your negative body image; you could feel better after getting rid of them. Instead, consider how they might be used more effectively. You have two options: donate them or sell preloved items. Keep in mind that there is a satisfaction to be found both in keeping clothes and in giving them a completely new life.


If you have mostly similar types of clothes. Now is the right time to let go some of them. You can leave one or two of them with the same style and color.  It is important to just leave what suits your interests, lifestyle, and needs. Giving yourself a visual or number limit to work toward your goal will help you become motivated to organize your closet. The goal of the limit isn't to make you feel too constrained. Instead, you may use it as a tool to inspire and drive yourself to be more selective and focus on what is most important.


Take a time to look through all of your leftover clothes on your bed and group them loosely into categories so that you can more easily identify what you have. Use broad categories like tops, bottoms, knitwear, underwear, and so on rather than being overly meticulous. I believe it's now simpler to organize your wardrobe by category so you can start to see how many of each kind of thing you have. You can begin to consider whether you still have too many clothes and decide whether to toss, sell, or give these items.


Holiday clothing and special event dresses can be kept apart from your daily wear; after all, these are most likely only worn once or twice a year at most. Keeping these clothes visible in your closet will only take up space. To preserve the condition of special occasion objects, gently pack them away using premium stackable shirt storage. Before storing the box on a high shelf or above a closet. Make sure the box is clearly labeled if you're using one that isn't transparent so you know exactly what's inside.


Make sure everything is fully cleaned before rehanging your items. Consider how you're going to arrange your clothing when you put it back in for a second. Do you need more storage containers or drawer dividers? Do you have hangers? Do you have too much storage in your closet? Before beginning to arrange your closet, it's crucial that you have a clear picture of what to put in and take out. Don't give this too much thought. Just quickly scan your closet and determine where you want your shoes, accessories, hanging clothes, and folded clothes to go.


To make it simple for yourself to keep organized throughout the process, divide your things into different bags marked "sell," "trash," and "donate." After categorizing them, make sure you have some sort of storage to arrange your shoes, accessories, and clothing in your closet. I've compiled some necessities that will help you keep your closet more organized here. Now is the perfect opportunity to upgrade your hangers if you've been meaning to while you're decluttering! Years ago, I converted to velvet hangers, which not only freed up space on my racks but also prevented items from slipping and deforming. Additionally, you can hang your clothes according to a category, and sorting them by color makes it simpler to see what you have. Install hooks on the closet door, then hang your favorite scarves and jewelry at eye level. If your closet doesn't already have any inexpensive shelves, think about adding some, or use hanging drawers and shoe organizers to maximize your space.

Hopefully, you've found these smart, easy, and simple ways to refresh your space useful. If you've found yourself craving something new no you're not alone I just updated my pantry. Let me know in the comments below which update you plan on tackling first. Like today’s post SHARE it with a friend, also be sure to sign up for our Newsletter for exclusive content and upcoming happenings; and follow us on social so you never miss a post xx


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