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Hey Fam! The 2023 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale will go public in just a few short days I'll be the first to say that it can be overwhelming as there are so many products included in the CATALOG, but I’m determined to make your shopping experience anything but! The PREVIEW for sale has launched for everyone to make their picks and gather the items they have been waiting all year to snag. You can add them to your wish list, and then when the sale goes live pop them into your cart and check out! Ps If you are a card member check your status you may be able to shop the preview Today! Scroll for my picks and key dates!




The #NSale is easily the best sale around, especially for those long-term investment pieces. I couldn't talk about the sale without sharing my NSALE wishlist . Bookmark this page so you can stay up-to-date on the sale. The other place to keep on your radar that is continually updated is my LTK shop page!








What Products Are Included In The Sale?

This year you can preview everything in the sale right now! It allows you to check out the sale items prior to the start of the event. In years past, the catalog only gave a sneak peek of the sale, but with the preview, you can not only see the items included but, add them to your wishlist. So, once the sale is live, pop them into your cart, check out the morning the sale goes live and you’re done! Just like that!

Tips For Shopping The Sale With Me

One of the things you hear every year is that shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is overwhelming … and it’s absolutely true! And, I think that’s why it’s so helpful to follow influencers because we truly love to shop and style outfits [grab your FREE lookbook]. We love combing through and finding all of the gold nuggets whereas that is likely not everyone’s cup of tea. Everyone is busy and wants to shop fast! I know I would if this wasn’t something I made into my job. So, to help you shop the sale … I’ve come up with a few tips to make shopping easier:

• SHOP ONLINE: The best way to shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, in my opinion, is online. The stores are crowded, the lines are long and SIZING IS LIMITED. I feel like the areas in the stores where they have the Anniversary Sale items feel a bit claustrophobic, plus not everything that is really, really good from the sale can be found in stores so I just feel like it’s best to shop online.

• IDENTIFY THE GAPS IN YOUR WARDROBE: It’s really important to know what your wardrobe needs to prevent yourself from overspending on clothes. So many of us buy on impulse and end up donating or getting rid of things that don’t actually serve us. We need to create wardrobes that serve us so, to do this, we need to know what our wardrobe actually needs before we go shopping.

• SHOP EARLY & CREATE A WISHLIST: Use the preview of the sale to your advantage and shop it all before it’s your turn to shop. Create a wishlist of the items that fill in those wardrobe gaps. Then, when it’s go-time for you to shop, all you need to do is put the items in your cart and check out!

• SET A BUDGET & STICK TO IT:  It just stuff in the end so don’t let all the hype that this sale gets make you spend outside of your limits and rob you of your peace.

• FOLLOW ME FOR UPDATES: I will be covering the sale in-depth here on, Youtube and LTK so be sure to turn on all alert notifications so you don’t miss a thing!

• TRUST THE RETURN POLICY: Sometimes, shopping online can be stressful because you may worry about sizes not fitting and the hassle of returning items. Hence why I post Try On videos as soon as I can. In its absence know that Nordstrom's return policy is unmatched. Anything you order that doesn’t work, they give you a prepaid shipping label and you simply send it back. It’s free and your reason for the return is never questioned. You also aren’t on a time limit to return the items, either!


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