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 Hi, Chicsters hope you all are well today’s post is all about How to Layer Outfits For Winter . It's finally time to master your winter style with some epic layering.

If your curvy you know that achieving that effortless, put-together look takes a bit of work. Especially when your thick because you may not want to add additional bulk to your frame. But I've got you covered with outfit inspo to try in 2023! This season, we have the chance to experiment with unique layering and rich, textured fabrics & prints. 

Winter & the holidays are one of the few times when I break the 'less is more' rule. However, if you happen to be like me, and being loud is literally not your style, I'll share tips on how to layer outfits for winter as a curvy girl. As In Style magazine says, 'the trick here is to make a statement without being too over-the-top'.

 Here are some tips to help you stay warm and confident during the colder months:

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  • Start with thin basics

Starting with lightweight pieces is crucial to creating a perfectly layered look. The idea is to start with thin basics that you can easily layer on top of - because we all hate that uncomfortable feeling of layering and then feeling too restricted to even move our arms. So, put down the thick jumper for one moment.

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  • Play with lengths

As cheesy as it sounds, fashion has the ability to empower all and help us show up in the world. And sometimes, fashion allows us to show up just a liiiittle taller too - thank you, heels! But if the possibility of sore feet at the end of a long day isn't for you, layering might just come in handy. Because, the truth is, finding the right balance of proportions can elongate your body or accentuate your shape.

  • Elevate with accessories

Now it's time to elevate the look, and you can do that with accessories. Rather than wearing your usual black tights with your skirts or shorts this season, switch them for a fun print to add more depth to the outfit. If you dislike tights, that's also a-okay, just add some drama with some thigh-high or knee-high boots.

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  • Choose the Right Fabrics

Go for merino wool or polyester—they're like your personal temperature and moisture managers, keeping you warm and dry without the bulk. Merino wool is soft and breathable, while polyester wicks away moisture. Stay cozy and chic all season long. More tips coming your way!

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  • Layer from Thinnest to Thickest
    Start with a comfy base layer, add intermediate layers, and finish with a stylish outer layer. This keeps you warm without feeling bulky, so you can rock winter fashion with confidence.
  • Layer with Leggings 

If you're wondering how to stay snug, slay the style game, and feel fabulous in the colder months, we've got your back. It's all about layering with leggings or those trusty skinny jeans, and girl, it's easier than you think! Layer a pair of stylish leggings or well-fitted skinny jeans for extra warmth and a sleek look. 



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  • Top It Off with a Hat: A stylish hat can be your secret weapon for adding some flair to your fall outfits. Plus, it keeps you cozy and chic. Elevate your outfit with hats – beanies, fedoras, berets, you name it!
  • Layers of Confidence: Confidence is your secret weapon. Wear your layers with pride and let your inner goddess shine. I'll talk about mixing patterns, playing with textures to make your layers pop. But always remember, the most important layer you wear is your confidence.


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Layering outfits like a pro is all about letting your personality shine through those cozy layers. Don't forget that your confidence is your most dazzling accessory. So, go ahead and mix those textures, throw on some fabulous high-waisted pieces, and own your fall style like the fashion queen you are! Remember, there are no rules in fashion; it's all about expressing your unique, fabulous self.


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